As a thriving club we deliver cricket and social opportunities to members and the local community, without ratepayer subsidy and strive to improve our cricket offering whilst maintaining financial solvency.

There are plenty of volunteering opportunities to get more involved, here are just a few

 To build on recent playing successes we need a Cricket Manager/Cricket
Chairman to work with the club coach and team captains to ensure “all things
Cricket” run smoothly during the season and to plan the future direction of the
playing side of the club.

 Umpires and Scorers for Senior teams needed (training available)

 More help with coaching and running Junior teams is always needed.

 5th Team Tea Lady, or Man !, needed for 8 games a Summer (all expenses paid !!)

 We have a great clubhouse and grounds, so how about running a social event as
a fund raiser and to get to know more people ?

 For handymen/women there are always decorating and repair jobs to do.

 More ground advertising and Lottery members always needed to boost income.

 Bar work – occasional Friday and Saturday evenings

Fresh eyes bring fresh ideas so if you have any OTHER IDEAS about jobs that need doing/improvements we can make PLEASE SPEAK UP.

If you don’t know who is who then see “WHO’S WHO” on the web site !!