The Development Fund Lottery was started in 2010 as a means of raising funds for the Club projects.  Without council support we have to set ourselves a budget each year to cover the running costs of the club.  With hard work and fund raising we then aim to “balance the books” and produce a surplus each year to go into the Development Fund.  This is then used to pay for new equipment and facilities.  Over the past five years we have transformed the ground by refurbishing the main clubhouse, building a new pavilion for the Nursery Ground, levelling and re-laying the main ground and extending the Nursery Ground to include grass wickets.  On top of this we had to buy a new roller last year so the Development Fund is “overdrawn”!

With your help we can continue to add to the Development Fund whilst you have the opportunity to win various amounts of money on a monthly basis. Up to £100 each month with 2 special draws each year for a £500 prize.

Each entry costs just £5 per month- you can have as many entries as you like.  When you join you will be allocated a draw number.  As long as your payments are up to date your number will be entered in the monthly draw. The current lottery period, which started in July 2016, will be active for 3 years.

To take part complete the application form(including the bank standing order if you wish to pay monthy) and return to Robert W.E. Paul, 17 Silverswood, Calmore, Totton, Southampton SO40 2SZ

Click this link to download the application form.

How do I pay:

  1. £5 per month by standing order
  2. £60 per year by cheque payable to Bashley(Rydal)CC
  3. £180 for 3 years by cheque payable to Bashley(Rydal)CC

All players must be 16 or over.  The lottery is registered with the New Forest District Council-Promoter R.W.E. Paul.